Weatherization/Energy/Housing 2016/17

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The low-income Home Weatherization program is a free service funded by the Federal Department of Energy (DOE). The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services DHHS contracts with MDSCAA/HRA to operate the program.
The program provides free energy conservation services for eligible low-income households.
The local agency determines applicant eligibility, performs the necessary inspections and contracts with qualified, licensed and insured private contractors to complete the work. These services reduce energy use and lower utility bills, thus creating more self-sufficient households.
Energy conservation services may include:
► Combustion appliance testing
► Installing attic insulation/ventilation
► Sidewall and floor insulation
► Interior sealing of major cold-air infiltration areas, utilizing blower door technology
► Repair, seal, or replace windows or doors
At A Glance
51 homes received energy improvements
36 families received energy and financial education