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Mission Statement

Empower, advocate for, and assist people in need to improve and sustain their quality of life and independence through education, housing, nutrition, volunteerism, and in-home support.

What We Do

Everyone at MDSCAA works diligently to give local residents every opportunity to grow and succeed. We work with everyone from children and young families coming to grips with early education,  to senior citizens who receive our meals, to assisting those who find it difficult to pay for utilities, to those in need of assistance in finding a place to live.

MDSCAA offers many services to those in the community.

  • Homeless Assistance Program

  • In-Home Services

  • Foster Grandparent Program

  • Senior Companion Program

  • Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

  • Early Childhood Program

  • Senior Centers

  • Food Distribution

  • Adult Day Services

  • Weatherization/Energy Services

  • Client Services

  • Welcome Newborns

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Find us on Facebook

507 1st Ave North

Escanaba MI  49829


MDSCAA Title VI Coordinator

Helen Corbett

Latest News

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