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Nutrition Services

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This dashboard reflects the number of senior households served by MDS CAA and the number of meals delivered.  Also reflected are the meal sites where nutritious meals can be found throughout Delta, Menominee, and Schoolcraft Counties. 

Vegetables in Paper Bags

Senior Services provides distribution for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP). CSFP works to improve the health of income eligible persons at least 60 years of age by supplementing their diets with nutritious USDA Foods. Distribution is bimonthly at nine locations throughout Menominee, Delta, and Schoolcraft Counties.

  1. Escanaba Senior Center

  2. Gladstone Senior Center

  3. Rock Senior Center (monthly)

  4. Rapid River Omni Center

  5. Garden Community Center

  6. Manistique VFW

  7. Mid County Senior Center

  8. Hermansville Senior Center

  9. Menominee Senior Center

CSFP Eligibility Criteria:


  • Self-declared household income is equal to or less than 130% Federal Poverty Level.

  • Applicant is 60 years of age.

  • Applicant resides in Agency service area.


Please call your local Senior Center for more information or to request an application. 


The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) distribution is a federal program that helps supplement the diets of income eligible individuals and households by providing them with emergency food assistance at no cost. 

At this time, MDS CAA is not hosting the TEFAP quarterly distributions. Please see the FAWM website for upcoming dates. 

Our Nutrition Services Program is comprised of two food programs; Congregate and Home Delivered Meals (HDM) offered to residents 60 years of age and older throughout our three county-wide service area.


HDM are for homebound participates, who normally are unable to leave their home unassisted or prepare a nutritious meal. Based on the eligibility criteria, participants must be:

a. Participant must be 60 years of age or older.

b. Participant must be homebound, i.e., normally is unable to leave the home unassisted, and for whom leaving takes considerable and taxing effort. A person may leave home for medical treatment or short, infrequent absences, such as a trip to the barber or to attend religious services.

c. Participant must be unable to participate in the congregate meal nutrition program because of physical, mental or emotional difficulties, such as:

i. A disabling condition, such as limited physical mobility, cognitive or psychological impairment;

ii. Lack of knowledge or skill to select and prepare nourishing and well-balanced meals;

iii. Lack of means to obtain or prepare nourishing meals;

iv. Lack of incentive to prepare and eat a meal alone; or

v. Lack of an informal support system: has no family, friends, neighbors or others who are both willing and able to perform the service(s) needed, or the informal support system needs to be supplemented.

d. The participant’s special dietary needs can be appropriately met by the program, as defined by the most current edition of the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

e. Participant must be able to feed him/herself.

f. Participant must agree to be home when meals are delivered, to contact the program when absences are unavoidable, and to work with program staff if participating in both HDM and congregate programs.

In addition, participants and/or family members must complete an assessment within 14 days of starting and complete a reassessment every 6 months for continued eligibility.


Congregate program follows the same menu as HDM and are served at your local Senior Center. Senior Centers are an excellent source of food, entertainment, and socialization.


There is no income restriction to the participant in either program. Both programs have a suggested donation of $4.00 per meal as of 10/1/2022. No person will be denied services based on inability to donate.


Please call your local Senior Center for more information about Congregate or to see if you qualify for HDM.

DELTA COUNTY                             MENOMINEE COUNTY                    SCHOOLCRAFT COUNTY

Escanaba     906-786-8850              Menominee    906-863-3258             Manistique  906-341-5085

Gladstone   906-428-2201              Hermansville   906-498-7736

Rock            906-356-6420              Mid County     906-753-6986

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